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Why Not To Buy Second Hand Caravan Windows

We do not supply or recommend second hand windows

Replacing a window with a used second hand window may be considered an option by some owners. Thousand’s of different windows styles have been fitted to caravans and motorhomes and some windows may appear to be an identical size but can differ in some other minor aspect that makes it incompatible or unsightly when being fitted to the owner’s vehicle.

Important checklist

Check not only the outer dimension but that all the location positions for attachments of stays and handles on the inner panel are identical. Stays and handle positions cannot be repositioned on the inner panel.

Check the top hinge rail is the same length and colour. The colour of the hinge rail can vary over the life of a vehicle.

Check that there are no minor cracks or crazing as these faults may become worse when fitted and cannot be repaired.

If you intend to claim for the replacement window on your insurance, check that that fitting a second-hand window will not invalidate your claim

Some older windows with a printed band and dot fade around the edge, can suffer from delamination. Delamination is not easy to detect until the window is fitted in the vehicle when it is likely to experience excessive condensation in the panel, It is therefore essential if you purchase a second-hand window that you have the right to return it for a refund, within a certain time frame, if it is found to be delaminating. Before fitting carry-out a close inspection of the printed band colour, along the area where the panels are bonded, as this will show slight discolouration in some areas if the outer and inner panels are separating. Over time the outer panel will detach completely, and probably whilst the vehicle is being driven which will be dangerous to other road users.

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