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Motorhome Window Seals

We offer motorhome window seals to replace older seals and rubbers that have deteriorated with time.

Motorhome window seals deteriorate with age and can lead to leaks and moisture problems inside the caravan. Window seals, also referred to as rubbers or gaskets, are specially designed to fit motorhome wall widths of 23-35mm, and be compatible with an individual design of motorhome window.

It is important to fit the correct motorhome window seal and that it is fitted accurately to the wall of the motorhome.  Replacing is seal is a relatively quick and straightforward task but may be better undertaken by a qualified motorhome repairer.

We carry Polyplastic Polyvision rubber seal in stock here & we also have in stock the Dometic S4 / S5 rubber seal here.

Check here for further window seal requirements

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