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Caravan Window Locks

Ensure optimum window protection against break-ins

Locking handles

The majority of caravan windows are fitted with handles that secure the window but do not lock. In recent years locking handles have been introduced. 

Locking handles fitted by the various window suppliers are different and are not interchangeable between different manufacturers windows. However locking window handles fitted to a motorhome window can be easily fitted to a caravan window of the same style from a particular manufacturer.

Polyplastic Polylocks

Polyplastic windows owners may wish to upgrade their handles to Polyplastic’s Polylock locking security window handles. Polylock handles are fitted with a push-button lock to ensure optimum window protection against break-in. Polylock handles can even be locked in the ventilation position but can only be opened from the inside of the vehicle.

Polylock handles are available in one standard size that can be fitted to caravan, motorhome and campervan windows. They can easily be fitted to the large majority of Polyplastic windows that have been manufactured over several years.

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