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Bürstner Caravan Windows

A comprehensive range of original windows for Burstner caravans and motorhomes.

A leading manufacturer of quality motorhomes and caravan

Bürstner is one of the most popular motorhome and caravan builders in Europe.  Founded in 1924 by Jakob Bürstner’s it first produced made-to-order caravans in 1958.  The company Bürstner GmbH was founded in 1973, and by 1985 it was one of Europe’s largest builders with an annual production of 17,000 units, and by 1989 it had risen to a combined production of 20,000 units at its factories in Germany and France.

In 1998 there was significant development in the company’s history when they became part of the Hymer Group.  They recorded record sales of 200 million euros achieved in 2002, and they surpassed a further milestone of 300 million euros in 2007 and have continued to grow ever since.

Bürstner are one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of quality motorhomes and caravans.  Their flagship motorhome model is the integrated Elegance which has been one of Europe’s most popular motorhomes for many years.  Their membership of the Hymer Group has not prevented Bürstner from maintaining a strong independent brand image with its range of high quality models clearly differentiated from those produced by other companies in the Hymer Group.

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