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Kip Caravan Windows

A comprehensive range of original windows for Kip caravans.

One of Europe’s oldest caravan builders

We offer a comprehensive range of original windows for Kip caravans.

Kip Caravan is one of  Europe’s oldest caravan builders, established in Holland in 1934 by Jan Kip.  Kip Caravan specialises in small modern compact caravans with innovative design features. By contrast with the UK where there are only few Kip caravans, in Holland they are very popular with over 30,000 registered.

Kip Caravan is notable for the introduction of innovative design features later adopted by other builders. In 1954 a new and unique model called the Kuiken appeared which was a small caravan with a rear hatch.  Kip Caravan later introduced the Kip Kompakt with a distinctive pop-top roof; a feature that has since been made very popular in Eriba caravans.

In 1981, after they had been subject to several takeovers, Kip Caravan again became an independent company. Unfortunately the company was declared bankrupt in 2010 but was then acquired by new owners in 2011 who thoroughly rebuilt the factory. 

The company has since continued to build compact caravans but has focused on design and technology to produce high-quality models for the top-end of the market. The Kip models have also become more distinctive with the introduction of a range of bold solid body colours, and even special prints, that clearly distinguishes a Kip caravan from the white and more conservative colours used by their competitors.

More recently in an interesting development Kip has signed off a letter of intent with a Chinese government delegation to supply a large number of Kip caravans for the fast growing leisure market in China.

Here at CaravanCrazy, we are able to assist with the replacement of your Kip Caravan windows.

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