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Caravan Double Glazed Windows

We supply a comprehensive range of caravan and motorhome windows

Caravan double-glazed windows comprise of two acrylic plastic panels bonded together, usually with a shaped outer and flat inner pane. These windows are fitted in the side, door and roof of the caravan.

  • Styles:

    Window styles can be with or without an external frame although the construction of the double glazed acrylic window panel in both are identical.  Most windows are opening and hinged from the top.

  • Printed:

    Most caravan windows now have a printed peripheral band, usually in
    black or silver, which may also include a dot fade pattern similar to
    what you see on car windows.

  • Colour/Tint:

    Acrylic is available in various tints.  The most common tint fitted in caravans is grey.  Bronze tint is fitted to many models built up to 2005 but has been withdrawn as it was found not to be UV stable and this resulted in the bronze tint fading with prolonged exposure to sunlight.

  • Strength:

    Acrylic is relatively strong but is susceptible to cracking if it sustains a hard impact on the edge.  Cracks cannot be repaired. The surface of acrylic is also susceptible to scratching.

Safety Glazing Approval Marking

It is a legal requirement that all double-glazed windows fitted caravan, either new or as replacement, must comply with UNECE Regulation 43.00; the regulation that covers safety glazing fitted to all wheeled vehicles. Windows must be indelibly marked with the E mark approval; signified by an ‘E’ in a circle followed by the 43R approval number (the same approval marking visible on all car windows).

Some replacement windows are offered by manufacturers that have no safety approval and their caravan windows show no approval marking. These windows will not have been manufactured to the stringent E mark safety standard and cannot be warranted to meet the E mark 43R approval. Fitting windows without E mark approval is risking the safety of your caravan and other road users, therefore, when ordering a replacement window ensure it is marked with a E mark safety glazing approval.

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