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Habitation Door Windows

Replacement habitation door windows

Polyplastic’s UK After Sales & Service Partner

Owners of motorhomes and caravans now have the option of replacing their broken habitation door window rather than having to fit a complete new door. Insurers may be prepared to pay to replace a broken window but they are unlikely to accept a claim for an unnecessary, and expensive, habitation door if only the window is broken.

As Polyplastic’s UK After Sales & Service Partner we have developed a new window to replace the majority of habitation door windows fitted to a wide range of older motorhomes but specifically Swift and Auto Trail motorhomes and caravans that have been produced in recent years.

Habitation door windows are now almost universally designed with a flat printed outer panel that is bonded flush to the door surface. Removing the broken window without damaging the door is complicated and requires the expertise of a skilled automotive glass fitter, however, the bonding of the replacement window is a straightforward task.

When submitting an enquiry for a door window it is essential to quote the chassis or build number to ensure that the window can be positively identified.

We also carry in stock the popular Polyplastic Hartal door window fitted to various caravans and they can be purchased here.

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