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Top tips for choosing motorhome replacement windows

motorhome replacement window

Motorhome windows can be easily damaged, particularly if you are driving along narrow countryside lanes with protruding hedgerows and trees. Whilst a small scratch might not matter, larger ones can damage your acrylic windows, breaking the seal and making them insecure or preventing you from being able to see out of them properly. If you have noticed cracks in your acrylic windows then unfortunately these cannot be repaired so you will instead need to look for motorhome replacement windows.

When shopping for replacement windows here are a few pointers to look out for:

Location - where is the window that needs replacing?

If the window is behind the drivers cab area then it is most likely to be a double glazed acrylic window.  These windows are designed to provide acoustic benefits such as keeping noise out (and in), letting in adequate light and retaining the heat. If you own a very old motorhome, then the windows may be single glazed or made from safety glass and sourcing a replacement may be tricky. However, most motorhomes made from the 1980’s onwards should feature acrylic windows that you can find a replacement for.

If the window that needs replacing is in the driver’s cab area then it will be a single glazed glass window, made from toughened glass. These windows are much less susceptible to cracks and damage, but they can shatter upon impact.

Style - are the motorhome windows fixed and do they have a frame?

Some are fixed windows that do not open, whereas others can be opened and closed to allow for natural ventilation and feature hinges and stays which make this possible. In motorhomes, the hinge is usually at the top of the window.

The window may or may not have an external frame, though the double glazed acrylic window fitted to this is the same as those without a frame. Click here to find out more about motorhome window types.

Size - what measurements do you need when buying motorhome replacement windows?

Before ordering a replacement window you’ll need to accurately measure the one you want to replace so you can make sure the new one will fit. The standard measurements you will need are the cut out sizes - both height and width - measured between the window rubbers.

If you are worried that you haven’t measured correctly or don’t know which window is right for your motorhome, please get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help.

Colour - are your windows tinted?

Other things to bear in mind when ordering replacement windows are the colour or tint of your existing windows, so you can find a matching replacement.   Grey is a popular colour for window tints now but if your motorhome was manufactured before 2005 it may feature a bronze colour, which has since been withdrawn due to ineffectuality, so you may find that your replacement window has a slightly different tint colour.

Accessories - what window furniture will you need?

When carrying out a motorhome window replacement you’ll need to bear in mind that windows are generally supplied without catches and stays so you’ll need to transfer these over from the old window, as long as they are still in good working order.

Depending on the damage sustained to your window you may also need to order replacement motorhome window seals and locks.

Motorhome windows for sale

Whatever your requirements, just remember that at Caravan Crazy we are the UK’s largest supplier of genuine caravan windows and can help you to find the perfect motorhome window replacement. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on our website or aren’t sure if you’ve found the right replacement window, get in touch with us for advice and support.