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With caravan thefts predicted to spike this year here’s how to protect yours


With a stock shortage of new caravans and the rising prices of second hand leisure vehicles, caravan thefts are predicted to rise this year. As it becomes more difficult to secure a new model due to manufacturing delays and second hand prices are expected to increase by at least £500-700 this year, it is not surprising that criminals are turning their attention to stealing caravans and motorhomes.

If you have just bought yourself a new caravan or motorhome or are wondering how to keep your existing model safe from would-be thieves, we have a few top tips for you and products to help secure your leisure vehicle.

Caravan security tips

Don’t give thieves the opportunity to break into your home from home and steal it, or your belongings. Follow these top tips to help protect your caravan from theft:

  • When not in use, make sure you remove all of your personal belongings from your caravan. Leaving curtains and cupboards open may deter thieves if they believe it to be empty.
  • Store your caravan somewhere safe and secure:
  • If you are storing it on your driveway, consider installing security posts to prevent it from being taken.

  • If you are using caravan storage, choose a site operated by the Caravan Storage site Owners Association (CaSSOA) and check that they offer good security measures such as CCTV, secure entry, ground anchors and security staff onsite.
  • Secure your caravan with a good quality hitch lock - read on to find out more about the ones we offer.
  • Install an alarm system or tracking device - particularly if you intend to leave your caravan in storage or unattended at home.
  • Make sure you close and lock all doors and windows whenever you leave your caravan.
  • Don’t leave any valuable items, such as laptops, jewellery and mobile phones, on display when you’re not in your caravan.

Secure your caravan with hitch locks

Caravan hitch locks are visible anti-theft devices which are fitted over the hitch to prevent anyone from attaching a vehicle to your caravan and towing it away. We advise you to always choose a hitch lock that fits well as a poorly fitted one will be easier to tamper with.

Stronghold Hitchlock For AL-KO Hitches

We offer a range of hitch locks including the Stronghold Hitchlock For AL-KO Hitches which is Sold Secure Gold standard for caravan and trailers and can be easily fitted in a matter of seconds. This hitch lock can be used to secure your caravan when stored, or when your car and caravan are coupled together - i.e. when you park for the day somewhere or stop at motorway service stations. Its bright yellow colour clearly shows off the fact you are using a hitch lock and may be a great deterrent to stop thieves from even coming any closer to take a look.

Motorhome Security Tips

Last year there was a 29% rise in caravan and motorhome thefts and this year numbers are predicted to be even higher. In order to help protect your motorhome or campervan from theft, here are a few tips to follow:

  • Close all windows, doors and vents when you’re not in your motorhome.
  • Invest in a steering wheel lock to prevent the vehicle from being moved.
  • Consider an immobiliser or tracker to boost your vehicle’s security and it might also help bring down your insurance costs.
  • Use a police-approved wheel clamp if you’re going to be away from your vehicle for a long period of time.
  • Secure your motorhome storage areas using the appropriate locks.
  • Keep money and valuables hidden from sight and remove your personal belongings if your vehicle won’t be in use for a while.

Salino locker locks

If your motorhome has a garage or storage area, this is another possible entrance to your vehicle that needs to be secured in order to help prevent theft.

Salino locker lock

Our Salino locker locks are fitted to many motorhome garage and storage doors. If yours is damaged and you need a replacement, you can buy one from our online store. Please note that the lock barrels are available separately.

Thanks for taking the time to read our top tips, we hope they help to keep your caravan, motorhome or campervan safe from theft.

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