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Why you should check your caravan windows before your next trip

Why you should check your caravan windows before your next trip

The recent storms and wintry weather have taken their toll and with spring just around the corner, it is the ideal time to check your caravan windows for damage ahead of your first trip of the year. Whether your caravan or motorhome has been in storage for the winter or parked on your drive and whether it has been covered or not, it could have sustained damage from airborne debris, wear and tear or extreme temperatures.

Caravan windows are acrylic and therefore are fairly durable and up to the task, but there can be times when these windows can become scratched, chipped or stained. Whilst it doesn’t always mean the seal is broken or the window is insecure, it can be unsightly, especially if you can’t see out properly, so assessing the state of your windows now will ensure you can enjoy your next trip.

Here are a couple things to check:

  • Check for signs of damage - have a thorough walk round of the caravan exterior and interior to check all windows for signs of cracks, chips or discolouration. Something may have hit your caravan in storage, particularly during stormy weather, or you may have done some damage to your windows when cleaning them at the end of last season. If the cracks or chips are deep, it won’t be worth you trying to repair them, so it is best to measure up and order replacement caravan windows
  • Check window catches and stays to make sure they are in good working order. The window catches and stays are what keep the window secure when shut and stable when open, so it is important to check none of these are broken before you set off on your next caravan or motorhome holiday. Check in advance and its easy to order replacement window stays and catches to fit your windows.

Keeping your caravan and motorhome windows in great shape

To avoid future damage and prolong the life of your caravan or motorhome windows, here are a few tips to follow:

  • Only use caravan or motorhome specific cleaners to clean your windows.
  • Clean the exterior before putting into storage or before covering, to stop debris becoming trapped between the exterior and the inside of the cover, which can cause scratches.

If you spot condensation or damage and need to order replacements, we offer a range of replacement polyplastic caravan windows and polyplastic motorhome windows.

If youre not sure what size or type of window you require, click here to view our full range or get in touch with us by messaging us here.