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Truma spares to get your caravan or motorhome ready for the new season

Truma spares to get your caravan or motorhome ready for the new season

Truma have been providing caravan and motorhome accessories for over 70 years. Having been established in Germany in 1949 they developed into an international brand and launched Truma UK in 1997. Truma spares have always been known for their high quality and technical expertise, which is why you will find their accessories in so many leisure vehicles today.

As you bring your caravan or motorhome out of winter storage and start to check it over to make sure everything is working properly, now is the time to make sure you’ve got a good supplier for any Truma spares you might need to fix or replace broken equipment. At Caravan Crazy we have a wide selection of Truma spares to help get you up and running for Spring staycations, so let’s look at our top picks:

Truma Ultrastore spare parts

The Truma Ultrastore is a water heater that has been used in most caravans for the past twenty years or so. It contains a powerful gas burner to heat the water in your caravan or motorhome and offers fast water heating times with low gas consumption. If you have problems with your Truma Ultrastore, you might be in need of one of the following Truma Ultrastore spare parts:

Truma Ultrastore Water Heater Cowl Kit

Truma Ultrastore Hot Water Outlet Elbow

Truma Ultrastore cold water inlet elbow

 Truma Ultrastore Heating Element

Truma Ultraflow spares

The Truma Ultraflow is a pressurised water system supplying all the water to your hot and cold taps through the Ultrastore water system in your leisure vehicle.  If you have problems with the water system in your caravan or motorhome you may be in need of one of the following Truma Ultraflow spares:

Truma Ultraflow Filter Housing Conversion Kit Water Inlet

Truma Ultraflow Filter

Truma Ultraflow Water Pump Assembly

Truma Ultraflow Pistol Grip Connector

Truma Ultraflow Bridge Connector

Other Truma spares

We also offer a range of other Truma spares including parts for:

  • Truma Carver Cascade 2 - including water heater outlet, drain plug, pressure relief valve and replacement hose for the Truma/Carver crystal 2 water pump.
  • Truma roof cowl vent cover top and roof vent flue.
  • Truma S3004/S5004 Gas Fire Control Knob.

If you can’t find the Truma spares you are looking for, get in touch with us today by messaging us here.