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Tips for caravan front window replacement

Caravan with replacement window

Caravans are made to withstand the weather conditions and the wear and tear of being on the road, but even with the best design and attention, windows can still become damaged. Your caravan front window, in particular, is one that you will not want to neglect as this is generally the main window in your caravan and the one you will probably spend most of your time looking out of, when seated inside. If you need a caravan front window replacement please read on for some top tips on how to replace the window, the type of window you’ll need and how to avoid damage in the first place.

Replacing your caravan front window

If your caravan front window is broken or cracked then you’ll need to replace it to ensure your caravan remains secure and that you have an unobstructed view.

Though each caravan front window will differ slightly depending on the age and make of the caravan and the size of the window, the following tips can be applied to most polyplastic front window replacements:

  • Release all the handles and clips (use a small allen key to unclip the window handles) and remove the window from the stays.
  • You can leave the window stays in place if you are not replacing them, ready to attach to the new window.
  • Once all handles and clips are removed and the window is free from the stays, lift the front window up so it's horizontal with the bar at the top of the window and lift it slightly past this so it unlatches itself from the runner.
  • Take your replacement window and slide into the runner and repeat all the steps in reverse, remembering to remove any protective film from the window and ensuring all window catches and stays are replaced or reattached to the new caravan front window.

What type of caravan front window do you need?

When your window breaks the best advice we can give is to order a replacement that has been intended for your make and model of caravan. You might think you can order a cheaper replacement from another model, but if it doesn’t fit exactly you may be left with problems such as damp, damage or poor security.

At Caravan Crazy we offer a huge range of polyplastic front windows including the popular

Swift Sprite polyplastic front window or Avondale Dart polyplastic front window.

How do caravan front windows become damaged?

If you don’t want the hassle of replacing your caravan windows, the trick is to take extra special care to look after them and avoid damage:

  • Protect your caravan during storage. Cover the caravan if you are storing anywhere near trees to prevent sap and falling debris from doing damage.
  • Avoid towing your caravan during high winds.
  • Check out your route before you travel and stick to main roads to ensure you won’t be squeezing your caravan down a narrow lane where hedgerows and walls may scratch the windows.
  • Take your awning down if the weather turns windy as it could blow off and do damage to your caravan windows or bodywork.
  • Only use a caravan cleaner that is designed for acrylic windows when cleaning your caravan and this helps to ensure your windows don’t get scratched or misted up.

If you are shopping for a caravan front window, please click here to view our full range and get in touch with us if you need any advice on finding the right window, our team are always happy to help.