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What to do if your caravan hob glass lid breaks

What to do if your caravan hob glass lid breaks

Your caravan hob glass lid is probably something you don't pay much attention to ordinarily. After all, it is just there to protect the top of the hob and provide you with much needed extra workspace when prepping in your caravan kitchen area. The only time you’ll realise how useful this item is, is when it breaks.

The main reason for a glass hob lid to break is because the gas hob has been left on, without you realising, and then the cover has been closed. If this happens the heat builds up and the glass cover can shatter. Some newer caravans are fitted with lid operated shut-off devices for the hob, but if yours isn’t, you’ll need to check that the burners are all off and that the top is cool before you close the hob cover.

As with anything made from glass, a hob lid can also break due to something heavy being dropped on it, or if you have a particularly bumpy ride. We’ve even heard of people returning to collect their caravans from storage after the winter and finding the hob cover shattered, perhaps from extreme cold temperatures.

Whatever the reason, here is what you need to do if your caravan glass hob cover breaks.

  • If the hob lid has shattered, put on some cleaning gloves if you have them to hand and pick up the larger pieces of glass and place them in a plastic container or several layers of plastic bag, so the glass can’t cut through. Use a dustpan and brush to sweep up any smaller shards of glass and a wet cloth or paper towel to collect the smallest pieces.
  • If the hob lid has cracked but is still intact you can keep it together using tape until you can get home to source a replacement. Any heavy duty tape, all purpose duct tape or packing tape will do the job. Cut the tape into strips, a little longer than the cracks, and then place carefully over them so that the tape always ends on an undamaged area. It’s a good idea to wear gloves to do this, just in case the glass does break when you’re trying to tape it up.

What not to do: Don’t be tempted to replace a broken caravan hob glass lid with a normal piece of glass. It should be toughened to help prevent breakage and will need to be sized to fit the hinges exactly, otherwise it might not be secure.

Replacing a caravan glass hob cover

When seeking a replacement for your broken hob lid, you’ll need to know the make of the cooker hob. It is also a good idea to measure it, just in case there is more than one size available.

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