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Now available: Plastoform windows for your Swift motorhome

Now available: Plastoform windows for your Swift motorhome

As the UK’s largest supplier of genuine manufacturer caravan windows to the general public, we are now proud to be expanding our range to include Plastoform Swift Escape motorhome windows. If you own a Swift Escape motorhome, built from 2017 onwards, then you’ll be pleased to know that we now stock a comprehensive range of plastoform windows for these models.

Swift is the UK’s largest manufacturer of touring caravans, holiday homes and motorhomes, with a brand that dates back over 55 years. As a well established name in the leisure industry, Swift motorhomes are a popular choice for Brits looking for the perfect vehicle for staycations and leisure trips. The Swift Escape is an award winning motorhome that has continued to impress with its streamlined profile and impressive specifications.  If you’ve treated yourself to a Swift Escape motorhome from 2017 onwards and you need replacement windows you’ve come to the right place.

Why might you need replacement motorhome windows?

There are many reasons why your motorhome windows may become damaged, including:

  • Scratches caused by trees and hedgerows
  • Damage caused in storage
  • Cracks caused by overexposure to high temperatures 
  • Use of chemicals when cleaning

Whatever the reason for the damage, you’ll need to replace the window as soon as you can to keep your motorhome secure and warm. 

Plastoform windows for Swift Escape

If you need to replace the windows in your Swift Escape motorhome we now stock a wide range of plastoform replacement windows including:

  • 900 x 520
  • 700 x 520
  • 600 x 520 (Opaque) - Toilet Room
  • 600 x 520
  • 500 x 300

If you’re not sure whether you’re ordering the right window size we recommend getting in touch with us before you place your order.

How to replace your motorhome windows

Once you have the replacement window ready, it is a quick and easy job to swap it for the damaged one.  Firstly, you’ll need to transfer the window furniture over from the old window - i.e. the stays and catches (so long as these are not damaged). You can use an allen key or even a ballpoint pen to release the retainer and slide the stay off the old window. Secondly, you’ll need to remove the protective film from the new window and then insert it on the rail by holding it at a right angle. Finally, attach the window stays to the frame and latch it securely to make sure it seals properly.

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