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The latest camper van window for your leisure vehicle

Plastoform Acrylight Framed Window

With the recent enforced lockdowns and periods of time unable to get away from home, many people have reevaluated their leisure time and pursuits and are coming in increasing numbers to camping, caravanning and campervanning. With the endless possibilities offered by the open road and having your holiday home on wheels, it’s a great way to spend your leisure time and many people find that converting an existing van into a camper van is the most cost effective option. If you are embarking on a camper van conversion, make sure you read this blog first as we have a brand new camper van window product in stock that will literally transform your view.

The Acrylight Framed Window from Plastoform is one of the most revolutionary acrylic windows on the market. In our opinion, it’s one of the best and would be ideal for a camper van conversion.  Let’s take a look at why this window is so innovative:

A camper van window that brings the outside in

If you’re considering a camper van conversion then you obviously appreciate the great outdoors and look forward to exploring new spaces. With that in mind you are going to love this new window because it has been designed to make the most of the scenery you’re going to experience on your travels. Created with the strapline of ‘less window, more view’, this Plastoform framed window blends seamlessly into your leisure vehicle, so no matter what the style of your conversion, it will look as if it is supposed to be there.

An elegant looking acrylic window

When you think about caravans, motorhomes and campervans, elegance isn’t necessarily the first thing that springs to mind. However, this might all be about to change. The Acrylight window is both elegant and contemporary. As it fits with a hidden hinge it allows for a completely flat outer pane, giving your campervan a sleek exterior and seamless interior.

Flexible and adaptable campervan window

When converting a van into a campervan you may struggle to find windows with the exact measurements required to fit the thickness of your van body. With this new acrylic window from Plastoform, this is not a problem as the window has been designed to be compatible with a range of different wall thicknesses, from 24mm to 40mm.

A lightweight acrylic window

Compared to other products on the market, the new Plastoform framed window is lighter in weight. This means that it won’t add as much to the final weight of your vehicle as other comparative products.

Buy the latest campervan windows at Caravan Crazy

If you are planning a camper van conversion and think this might be the window for your project, click here to view the new Acrylight window from Plastoform and benefit from the latest innovative technology to enhance your leisure vehicle. The window is available in 4 different sizes and is currently available with the standard white inner frame, though we will be adding the options for LED lights and different inner panel decor trim at a later date, so watch this space!