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Our top picks: Truma spares

Our top picks: Truma spares

Truma is an established name in the manufacture of caravan and motorhome spares. Founded in Germany in 1949, the brand has gone on to enjoy international success, enhanced by the set up of a UK subsidiary in 1997. Since then, British caravanners have been able to replace and maintain their touring caravans and motorhomes thanks to retailers such as Caravan Crazy and the Truma spares we stock.

With such a long standing presence in the industry, Truma parts are known for their technical expertise and high quality, and the company is constantly developing and innovating new products for this popular leisure pastime. 

If you are looking for Truma spares, have parts that need replacing or just want to upgrade what you already have, here are our top picks of Truma parts that we stock: 

Truma Ultraflow spares

Truma Ultraflow is a pressurised water system which supplies hot and cold water to your caravan taps, usually through the Ultrastore system. To help ensure this water system remains fully operational we stock a number of Truma Ultraflow spares including:

  • Truma Ultraflow Bridge Connector - a bridge connector to fit onto your Truma Ultraflow water inlet.
  • Truma Ultraflow Water Pump Assembly - a 12 volt pump with pistol grip type fitting end.
  • Truma Ultraflow Compact Water inlet Housing Winter Kit - a compact version of the Ultraflow Caravan Water connection housing which can be used as an inside plug in for your water carrier in winter. 
  • Truma Ultraflow Pistol Grip Connector - a replacement pistol connector for the Truma Ultraflow Caravan Water Inlet Housing.
  • Truma Ultraflow Filter - replacement filter.
  • Truma Ultraflow Filter Housing Conversion Kit Water Inlet - A kit which enables you to convert the old type Crystal 1,2 and 3 systems to the new Ultraflow system.

Truma Ultrastore spare parts

In many caravans from 2000 onwards you will find the Truma UItrastore - a water heater system that can be powered by 240v or gas. To help ensure you’ve got hot water when you need it, we offer a range of Truma Ultrastore spare parts for your caravan or motorhome, including:

  • Truma Ultrastore Heating Element 850 Watt 230 Volt.
  • Truma Ultrastore Water Heater cowl covers - to prevent debris or insects from getting into your water heater.
  • Truma Ultrastore Hot Water Outlet Elbow - a push fit top fitting for the Hot water outlet on your Truma Ultrastore water heater.
  • Truma Ultrastore Cold Water Inlet Elbow - bottom fitting for the cold water inlet.

Other Truma spares

In addition to these vital parts for your water system and water heater, we also offer a range of other Truma accessories for your caravan or motorhome including:

  • Truma Roof Vent Flue for your gas heater.
  • Truma Roof Cowl Vent Cover Top.
  • Truma S3004/S5004 Gas Fire Control Knob - replacement knob for your gas fire
  • Truma gas regulators - with built in test points 

Whatever Truma spares you need for your caravan or motorhome, please browse our full range here or get in touch with us if you can’t find what you’re looking for.