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Caravan taps not working?

Caravan taps not working?

Picture this: you’ve arrived at a campsite for a well deserved break and have just finished levelling up and getting everything ready to relax. Then you turn on your caravan taps and realise they are not working. You know you’ve already set up the aqua roll and water pump, but either can’t get any water out of the tap, or the water is spluttering rather than flowing out of the tap.

If the tap isn’t working it might not just be an issue with the tap itself, it could be the pump or the water pipe, or even a problem with your 12V battery.

If you are new to caravanning or not confident at DIY, it is always a good idea at this stage to either consult your caravan or motorhome manual or speak to your service centre or the manufacturer. There are, however, a few things you can check and replace yourself.

Caravan water pump issues

Most caravans in the UK use a submersible water pump, which drops down into the water container and will most likely be either a Whale caravan water pump or a Truma pump. Thankfully, parts and replacements are easily sourced and we stock a range of caravan water pumps and parts from both brands.

Perhaps the most common reason for your taps not working properly is a kinked pipe. The pump and pipe are placed into the water container so it’s not unusual for them to become bent or kinked, therefore stopping the water from flowing. This can happen if the water pipe inlet is too low down, which is often the case in older caravans, as the pipe exits the caravan and has to loop upwards and then back down again into the water container. If you experience this issue, you may be able to remove the kink, but if the pipe is too stiff it might have become damaged and in this case you may be better to replace the water pump itself.

Your caravan water pump may also become damaged from excessive dry running - i.e. operating the water pumps with no water running. This might happen if you leave the shower running for example. The pumps need water to be running through them pretty much constantly to keep them lubricated, so dry running for longer than a few seconds could damage the water pump and most likely mean you need to find a replacement.

Microswitch failure

Some caravan taps have a microswitch inside them to complete the connection between the tap and water pump. These switches are very small and sometimes fragile, which means over time they can become worn and damaged, resulting in your tap not working properly. If you need to replace the microswitch in your caravan taps we offer some of the most popular parts including:

Whale Elite Microswitch Kit
Whale Elegance Microswitch Kit

Pressure switch problems

The water system in some caravans and motorhomes uses a pressure switch instead of a microswitch. Again, this can be prone to failure, but as it’s a little more tricky, you need to be certain that this is the cause of your tap problems before you replace. If you choose to go down the DIY route, we offer pressure switch replacements including the Whale Grooved Pressure Switch.

Poor battery

Your water system doesn’t just rely on your water pump but also your battery to operate properly. As it runs off the 12V system, not mains hook up, it’s vital that your leisure battery is a good one. The best way to prevent poor battery performance from stopping your taps working is to make sure your battery is fully topped up, we stock a range of popular battery chargers to keep your battery healthy.

Shop now for caravan tap spares

If reading this has helped you to identify the problem with your caravan taps and you need spare parts to help fix the issue, it is easy to shop online at Caravan Crazy. Delivery on all orders over £60.00 is free to most U.K Mainland addresses, so get your spares in stock today so you can hit the road with your caravan and enjoy your holidays.