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Top tips for replacing your caravan windows

Caravan with replacement windows

It is not uncommon for caravan windows to become cracked. Cracks can be caused by a number of factors, including over exposure to heat, use of chemicals when cleaning or the fact that something has hit the window whilst towing or when the caravan was in storage. Whatever the reason, it is often necessary to replace your caravan windows rather than trying to repair them, particularly if the cracks are deep.

At Caravan Crazy we have a select range of replacement caravan windows for touring caravans, motorhomes and camper vans in stock. We can supply most caravan & motorhome windows on application.

Measuring your caravan windows

The first thing youll need to do before ordering a replacement, is to find out the exact size of your caravan window, so you can make sure youre getting a window that will fit. The standard measurements needed are the internal aperture (cut out) sizes measured between the window rubbers, taking note of both the height and width.

If you are unsure about whether you have measured correctly, or dont know which window is suitable for your caravan, please contact us and well be happy to help.

Replacing the right windows

Before you order replacement caravan windows, make sure you know exactly which window needs replacing. We will need the location of each individual window you require. Knowing the make and model of your caravan and the size and orientation of your window will help you to find the right replacement.

Caravan window spares

When ordering caravan windows, remember that you will just be purchasing the window itself and any other caravan window spares such as catches and stays will need to be bought separately, unless otherwise stated. Check the windows that need replacing to see if you also need to replace the catches which will secure the windows shut, or the stays which will support the window when open.

Looking after your caravan windows

If you want to keep your windows looking great and prevent future cracking or breakage, its advisable to use cleaning products that have been specifically developed for use on caravan and motorhome acrylic windows. Avoid using methylated spirit, as this can cause the windows to crack or become hazed. For overall cleaning of your caravan we recommend Fenwicks Caravan Cleaner Concentrate, which can be used safely on plastics, aluminium and acrylic windows.

Light scratches or hazing can be treated with products such as Fenwicks Windowize. Simply remove dirt and debris from the window surface, use a soft cloth to apply the product to the window using a circular motion and wipe away using a microfibre cloth. 

If the scratches are deep or the hazing severe then you will probably require complete window replacement.

When storing your caravan or motorhome away for the winter, make sure you clean it before covering as this prevents any dirt or debris from becoming trapped between the cover and the surface of your caravan and thus causing scratches.

Please click here to view our small select range of replacement caravan windows for your touring caravan, motorhome or campervan or get in touch if you need help finding the right windows.