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Our pick of top dometic caravan fridge spares

Our pick of top dometic caravan fridge spares

Dometic products are used by millions of people around the world as they fulfil the brand’s purpose to make ‘mobile living easy’. If you own a caravan or motorhome then the chances are you’ll see the name dometic somewhere, most likely on your fridge. In your quest for mobile living, staycations and adventure, you’ll realise the fridge is the one thing you can’t live without - where else would you keep the beers cold?! If your onboard fridge could do with some improvements or fixes here are our top dometic caravan fridge spares to enable you to keep food and drink chilled to perfection wherever your travels take you.

Dometic caravan fridge door catches and locks

If your caravan fridge door latch is faulty or damaged, then there’s a risk the door may open whilst you are moving. We always recommend fixing door catch and lock issues as soon as possible to prevent any damage to your caravan or motorhome from items escaping from the fridge or the door opening and banging into surrounding cupboards.

We stock the following door catch spares for Dometic fridges and freezers:

Dometic Electrolux Fridge Door Lock - top and bottom locks for Dometic RM6 series fridges

Dometic Fridge Door Lock Catch - lock for Dometic RM7 series fridges

Dometic fridge vents

Not all caravans and motorhomes have fridge vents, it all depends on the type of fridge installed.  You’ll know whether your fridge has vents as you’ll be able to see them on the outside of your motorhome or caravan, behind where the fridge sits. There’ll be two vents, both of which are essential to keeping your fridge well ventilated and operating efficiently.  If you need to replace your Dometic fridge vents, look for the release clips which are located under the top edge of the fridge vent covers - this releases the vent and allows you to remove the vent and the inner frame. When replacing, make sure you line up the clips and slot the frame and vent back in place.

It’s a good idea to cover your fridge vents in the winter, whilst towing or when your caravan or motorhome is in storage, so look for fridge vents that come with a cover.  We stock the following fridge vents:

Dometic Electrolux Top Fridge Vent Kit - including inner frame, vent and winter cover

Dometic Electrolux Bottom Fridge Vent Kit - including inner frame, vent and winter cover

Fridge electrics and controls

Your caravan or motorhome fridge is a complex item that relies on an energy source - gas, 12V or 230V. If you are experiencing problems with your fridge but it will cool down on one of these sources, then the chances are that the problem is with one of the other energy sources. If you can’t operate it at all, the cooling circuit could have failed. Unless you are properly qualified, it is recommended to use an engineer to deal with gas or electric issues. However, if you know what the problem is, or it is an easy fix - such as needing to replace a control knob or switch, you might be interested in the following Dometic fridge electrics and controls that we offer, including:

Dometic Fridge 240 Volt 190 Watt Element Kit - 240V heating element for Dometic RM7655L Fridge

Dometic Electrolux Fridge 12 Volt On/Off Switch - switch with red light for RM4 Series Dometic/Electrolux fridges

Dometic Electrolux 240 Volt Illuminated on/off Switch

Dometic Fridge Gas Control Knob - grey Dometic gas control knob for RM7 Series fridges

We stock many more dometic caravan fridge spares and are knowledgeable about all of them, so if you are unsure which part is right for your caravan or motorhome or just need some advice, drop us a line at