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Budget-friendly soundproofing tips for your campervan

Budget-friendly soundproofing tips for your campervan

If you’re planning on converting a van into a campervan to enable you to hit the road, there are plenty of things to think about. One consideration you might have overlooked so far, however, is noise disturbance and how to minimise it. The body of a van is relatively thin, so it offers little or no resistance against outside noise. This can make for a rackety ride or a poor night’s sleep, so make campervan soundproofing one of your conversion priorities.

Even if you are close to blowing your conversion budget, there are plenty of things you can do to soundproof a campervan without spending a fortune, so here are just a few practical tips to get you started.

1. Make sure your windows fit snugly and are well sealed

When undertaking a campervan conversion you will most likely be cutting holes in the bodywork to make windows which will create a light and airy interior for your living space. When creating these apertures, it is important to measure accurately so that you can a) cut the hole to the right dimensions and b) order windows that will snugly fit. You will also need to ensure there are no gaps around the windows that can let air and noise into the van, so make sure they are well sealed and carry some spare sealant just in case you notice any gaps once you are out on the road.

At Caravan Crazy we offer a range of windows which are perfect for campervan conversions and can also supply you with window seals, sealant and all the campervan window spares you might need for your leisure vehicle.

2. Insulate the walls and floors

When converting a van, one of the best investments you can make in terms of soundproofing, is to use sound-absorbing materials, like acoustic foam, to line the walls of your leisure vehicle. Though the floor will generally suffer from less vibration issues than the walls, you could also consider adding deadening, such as closed cell foam, to the floor to help further reduce noise from outside.

3. Use window blinds or curtains

Not only do blinds or curtains give your campervan a more homely feel but they can also offer soundproofing properties. Blinds and curtains around your windows and doors can stop sound from escaping or entering your space. They can also help to keep your van insulated and cosy on colder days and keep the heat of the sun from making your interiors too hot and stuffy on warmer days.

View our range of window blinds that are suitable for campervans.

4. Keep your tyres in good condition

If your tyres are not properly inflated, or you have uneven tyre wear, it can add to the noise you experience inside your campervan. Keeping your tyres in good condition by checking them for wear and replacing them when necessary, or even replacing them with quieter models, can help reduce road noise when travelling and increase the comfort level inside your campervan.

Once you have sorted out your campervan soundproofing, remember that Caravan Crazy stocks a huge range of spares and accessories for leisure vehicles, so bookmark our website so that you can easily find the spares you need to enjoy your campervan adventures!