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Caravan fridge not working properly? Check out our range of spares

Caravan fridge not working properly? Check out our range of spares

Is your caravan fridge not working just as you’re gearing up for a long journey? Don’t let all the drinks and fresh food go to waste, or worries around storage spoil your spring adventures - whether it’s a replacement thermostat, a new door seal, or a more efficient cooling element, we've got the parts to fix any issue with our range of caravan fridge spares.

Caravan fridge not working?

A fully-functioning fridge doesn’t just keep food cool and ready to be enjoyed: it also ensures food safety and makes sure that you and your loved ones consume food that has been kept at the right temperature. Whilst on the road, you rely on your fridge as a key piece of equipment, so if you have noticed that your fridge isn’t maintaining a good temperature, or the door is failing to stay closed, then the first step is to assess what is causing the issue.

The elements that are most likely to malfunction, become worn, or cause issues include:

1.    Vents


These features play an important role in regulating the temperature of a fridge by maintaining the airflow needed to maintain a cold temperature and prevent external weather conditions from affecting the internal climate.

When these vents become blocked by grit or debris after travelling, or begin to malfunction due to being old and worn, it can lead to a range of issues, including overheating, increased energy consumption, and even damage to other parts of the system as they will begin overworking to compensate for the rise in temperature.

It is hard to identify damage or blockages in the ventilation system, but if you have noticed that the fridge is remaining at a higher temperature than usual, either inside or outside, or excessive condensation inside the unit, then these are clear signs that the vents aren’t working as they should. So, stock up on our range of bottom and top vents, including options from Dometic, and check your newly-installed vents before setting off on any adventures.

2.    Sockets & Plugs

These components provide the necessary electrical connection that powers the unit, making sure that the fridge has the power needed to keep working. If one of these fails, the fridge may face intermittent power losses, fail to maintain consistent cooling, or lose power completely, which can go unnoticed for long periods of time and result in food waste whilst on the road.

As electrical elements, it is relatively easy to spot any signs of a malfunctioning socket. The main indication that something has gone wrong is if the fridge loses power unexpectedly, but there may also be visible signs of electrical damage, such as fraying or burns around the sockets.

If you need to replace any of these components with a new one from our range, then it is essential that you take care whilst installing them and only proceed once you know that the power to the fridge has been completely disconnected.

3.    Locks and Hinges

Locks and hinges maintain the energy-efficiency and temperature control of your fridge, providing you with a tight seal that prevents the fridge from opening and keeps the cold air inside.

When these components wear out or stop working, the door stops closing properly, so be on the lookout for loose or wobbly hinges, difficulty securing the lock, visible gaps when the door is supposed to be shut, and, most obviously, the door swinging open or failing to close whilst the caravan is stationary. Dealing with these issues by replacing the faulty components before your next trip will keep the contents of your fridge cool and maintain the systems’ energy efficiency, so make sure you check your fridge door before heading out on your next journey.

4.    Power Supply Components

There are a range of technical components that combine to provide a fridge with the power it needs and regulate the temperature, and if any of them stop working it immediately impacts the overall efficiency of your fridge.

Faulty fuses can cause sudden power loss, while a malfunctioning watt element may lead to insufficient cooling, so if you’re worried about your fridge’s performance, troubleshooting these elements is a good place to start. First disconnect power to the fridge to avoid any electrical hazards, and then check for any blown fuses or damage to the watt elements, referring back to the manufacturer's information to make sure that you are doing it safely and correctly.

If you do need any new volt heating elements to deal with your Thetford caravan fridge not working, then check out our full range today, and if you are not sure which one is the best choice for your fridge or have any questions, our team is always on hand to assist.

Our caravan fridge spares

If you have worn-out door seals that are failing to regulate the fridge’s temperature, or ineffective cooling elements that do not chill adequately, make sure that you address these failures before setting out on your spring adventures. Explore our collection of fridge replacements and spares, and contact us today to discuss how we can help you deal with your caravan fridge not working.