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Breeze through summer with a caravan air conditioner

Breeze through summer with a caravan air conditioner

With the summer in full swing, it’s only natural that caravan and motorhome owners want to hit the road and make the most of the longer days and warmer temperatures, but if the mercury rises, it can get unbearably warm in our homes from home. With a much smaller interior space than other forms of accommodation, caravans and motorhomes can quickly warm up on sunny days, making it difficult to enjoy the inside space, but at Caravan Crazy, we have a solution! To help you breeze through the summer we recommend a caravan air conditioner.

Caravan and motorhome air conditioners are complete game changers in the world of leisure vehicles and for a very reasonable price could enable you to enjoy adventures in your home on wheels no matter how hot it gets outside. We are currently stocking the Mestic Split Unit Air Conditioner, which can cool, ventilate and dehumidify the interior space of caravans and motorhomes.

With its digital display you can easily see how warm it is inside your leisure vehicle and adjust the temperature from 16°C to 30°C. Infinitely adjustable brackets ensure that it is quick and simple to install the interior and exterior units and thanks to the 3 speeds and night mode you can maintain a comfortable environment throughout the day and whilst sleeping.

Benefits of using a caravan air conditioner

If you’ve never considered an air conditioner for a caravan or motorhome before, but are weighing up the pros and cons ahead of your next trip, here are just a few of the principal benefits of these clever little units:

  • Temperature control - maintains a comfortable interior climate, especially during hot summer months.
  • Humidity reduction - helps prevent mould and mildew growth by reducing moisture levels.
  • Improved sleep quality - creates a cool, comfortable environment for better sleep.
  • Extended travel seasons: enables you to travel more comfortably in the warmer months.
  • Pet comfort - ensures pets remain cool and comfortable when inside the vehicle.
  • Allergy relief - filters air and reduces pollen, dust, and other allergens inside the vehicle.
  • Insect control - enables you to cool down with the windows closed, thus keeping bugs at bay.
  • Quick cool-down - rapidly lowers the interior temperature after outdoor activities or driving in warm weather.

Other ways to keep your caravan or motorhome cool

If you don’t want to use an air conditioner, here are some tips to reduce the heat inside your caravan or motorhome:

Pitch in the shade - if you can park or pitch your leisure vehicle in the shade, it will prevent the sun’s rays from shining directly on it and help to keep the interior temperature cooler.

Open windows wisely - if your windows are facing the sun keep them closed, but in shaded areas, or once the temperature outside is cooler than inside, it is a good idea to open the windows to let the air ventilate and cool your interior space.

Use an awning - if you can keep the walls of your caravan or motorhome cool, it can reduce the interior temperature considerably. Use your awning to create additional shade for your vehicle exterior.

Cook outside - if you can cook your meals outside using a barbecue or outdoor grill, you will prevent the heat from the oven or hob adding to the interior temperature inside your caravan or motorhome.

Keep your cool this summer by following our top tips whilst you’re out and about in your leisure vehicle. Visit our online shop to find out more about our caravan and motorhome air conditioners or view our full range to find the spares and accessories you need to make every trip a great one.