Truma Caravan Mover

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This single-axle manual actuation mover is an easy way to precisely manoeuver your caravan into the exact position it needs.

With low-wear aluminium rollers, this mover is lightweight and compact, weighing only 34kg, and it's suitable for caravans and trailers up to 1800kg. The soft start gives you jerk-free starting and stopping, and the drive rollers are engaged by hand for easy and effortless movement. The caravan can be rotated by 360° on its own axis, and a cross-actuation kit is included for engaging both drive assemblies.

Using approximately 20amp of power on 12v voltage, the mover comes with a remote control for easy control and makes it a breeze to put your caravan right where you want it.

  • Motorised caravan mover for single-axle caravans
  • Aluminium rollers
  • Hand-engaged drive rollers
  • Durasoft drive
  • Cross-actuation kit included
  • Remote control included
  • Total permissable weight: 1800kg
  • Required power supply: 12v
  • Average power consumption: 20amps
  • Maximum power consumption: 120amps
  • Maximum hill-climbing ability: 15%
  • Weight: 34kg