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Top caravan and motorhome spares for your 2022 adventures!

Top caravan and motorhome spares for your 2022 adventures!

Following a summer of staycations, 2021 has lived up to its promise of being the year of recovery for the camping and caravanning industry. After the Covid-19 lockdowns of 2020 and early 2021, it wasn’t surprising that caravans and motorhomes, both new and second hand, suddenly became like gold dust, as staycations proved to be the best way to get a holiday. With all those new leisure vehicles ready and raring to hit the road again in 2022, it’s time to reveal the top caravan and motorhome spares you might need to accompany your adventures.

It is expected that caravanning will reach pre-Covid levels in 2022 and continue to grow thanks to renewed interest in holidaying at home, so now is the perfect opportunity to research the motorhome and caravan spares and accessories required to ensure you can have the perfect trip in the new year.

Electrical spares

Electrical issues are one of the most common problems when caravanning, so it makes sense to have some spares with you or just know where to order them if you get stuck. Whether it’s your 12V battery that needs charging, a fuse that has blown or one of the lights that has gone on the inside or outside of your caravan or motorhome, it’s important to get the issue fixed as soon as possible so it doesn’t compromise your safety or comfort. Click here to view our electrical spares.

Caravan towing spares

It’s just what you want when you are all ready for the off, to find out that your towing cable is broken or your towing mirror is smashed. Not only do problems with your towing electrics mean that you can’t connect your caravan to your vehicle, but a broken or missing mirror can mean you are legally not allowed to drive. Rather than risk ruining the start of your holiday, we recommend checking your caravan over at the start of Spring and ordering any spares you need to ensure you can get on the road safely whenever you are ready. Click here to browse our full range of towing caravan spares.

Water and waste caravan and motorhome spares

Water and waste - you literally can’t live without them when you’re using your caravan and motorhome as your kitchen and bathroom will most likely be on board.  When you drain down the water system at the end of the season or before going back into storage, everything might look in order, but a harsh winter, long periods in storage or just unseen wear and tear could mean that you have kinked water pipes, leaking taps or microswitch failure when you come to start pumping water through the system again. We stock a wide range of water and waste spares suitable for caravans and motorhomes from pumps and pipes to fittings and filters, so browse our site to find what you’re looking for.

Caravan and motorhome windows

Of all the things that need replacing in a caravan or motorhome, windows are one of the most popular items we get asked about, which is why we stock such an extensive range. Though they are pretty durable, caravan and motorhome windows can be damaged by exposure to the elements, overgrown foliage whilst on the road and chemicals in cleaning products that have not been specifically designed for leisure vehicles. If you notice scratches, cracks, dents or fogging in your windows that cannot be easily fixed or don’t allow you to see out properly then you’ll probably need to replace them. There’s plenty of advice on our blog on how to measure and order your replacement windows, or you can just get in touch with us for advice.

Everything else

There are so many elements to caravans and motorhomes, after all they are like homes on wheels, so it’s understandable that there are a million and one things that might need replacing. At Caravan Crazy we have hopefully thought of most of these things and you can see that in the range of spares that we stock, from roof and fridge vents to hitch locks, smoke alarms and cleaning products that have been designed specifically for use with caravans and motorhomes, we’ve got everything you need to keep on caravanning! Can’t find what you're looking for? Drop us an email now and we’ll be happy to help.