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Our guide to caravan winter preparation

Our guide to caravan winter preparation

Whether you are a fair weather caravanner and want some tips on how to store your caravan safely this winter, or just need some advice on how you can enjoy your caravan holidays through the colder months, this is the blog post for you. We’ve gathered some top tips on caravan winter preparation to help you enjoy your caravan all year round, or just to know it is safely stored ready for your spring adventures. So, read on, as now is the perfect time to prepare your caravan for the winter months ahead. 

Tips for using your caravan in winter 

If you are planning on using your caravan throughout the winter then the best way to prevent burst pipes, cracked taps or other damage to the water system is to keep it warm and insulated. Here are some top tips on how you can do this: 

  • External water carriers are vulnerable to freezing so invest in an insulation bag or cover with bubble wrap or an old duvet to prevent the temperature from getting too low. 
  • Switch from butane to propane gas cylinders as propane operates at a higher pressure. Don’t forget to change your gas regulators too as they are different for each gas type. 
  • Make sure that your caravan tyres are correctly inflated. They are the only part of your caravan that has contact with the road, so it is vital for safety and stability that they are always at the right pressure. If you are travelling abroad beware that some countries stipulate that winter tyres should be fitted for the colder months so check before you travel. 
  • Whilst you are travelling, it’s a good idea to leave your mains heating on at night, and even keep it on low if you are going to be out all day, as this stops the temperature from plummeting and resulting in frozen or burst pipes. 

 In between your winter trips, it’s also advisable to: 

  • Charge the battery every few weeks - click here to view our range of battery chargers. 
  • Drain the water system - just make sure you do this before you leave or once you get home as it’s illegal to discharge water onto the carriageway. 
  • Take the top off the aquaroll and keep it somewhere safe. 
  • Keep fridge and freezer doors ajar 

Tips for storing your caravan in winter 

If you’re not planning on using your caravan in the winter, those long cold months can take their toll on your vehicle so it’s important to follow some simple tips for preparing a caravan for winter. These might include: 

  • Drain down the water system, including the water heater and toilet cassette. We stock a range of caravan drainage kits. 
  • Set all taps to the open position to release any built up pressure. 
  • Pull all seating, bedding and cushions away from the walls as the extreme cold can create moisture which would otherwise stay on your soft furnishings with no real chance of drying, Moving items away from the walls allows the air to circulate. 
  • Give your caravan a thorough clean and close the curtains if you don’t want anyone to see inside. Click here to view our caravan cleaning range. 
  • Secure your caravan, whether it is in storage or on your driveway, you’ll want it to stay where it is ready for your next adventure! For our range of locks and security products please click here. 
  • Unless otherwise stipulated in your insurance agreement or by your manufacturer, it may be wise to store your caravan battery in a different location to the caravan itself, particularly if your caravan will be stored outside. This is because batteries do not respond well to very low temperatures and therefore you might find it is dead when you next come to use it. 

To cover or not cover? The choice is yours, but what we will say is that if you do cover your caravan up whilst not in use, make sure it is clean first, as debris and grime that becomes trapped between the caravan and the cover can result in scratches. 

If you are planning on storing your caravan for the first time or keeping it on your driveway this winter instead of in storage, don’t forget to let your insurer know as it might have an impact on your premiums.  

For all your winter caravan accessories or spares to get you moving again on your next trip, don’t forget Caravan Crazy. Happy winter holidays!