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Why you shouldn’t replace a broken window with a non-genuine copy window

Why you shouldn’t replace a broken window with a non-genuine copy window

When replacing windows you have a choice:

  • Replace with a new genuine window identical to the broken window and as fitted to your vehicle when built.
  • Replace with a copy window.

Why you should fit a genuine window

Most new windows for a very wide range and ages of vehicle are available from Polyplastic who have been the leading supplier of new windows to UK and continental caravan and motorhome builders for over 30 years. Therefore you can be sure that a genuine Polyplastic window will be identical to the window you are replacing.

Polyplastic windows are stamped with the E mark approval, which indicates that they meet this stringent international safety standard.

Polyplastic replacement windows are also guaranteed from manufacturing faults for one year.

Polyplastic hold a large stock of windows at their warehouse in Holland. The stock covers a wide range of caravans, motorhomes and campervans. Most windows are available ex stock and are dispatched quickly by courier. The broken window can remain in the vehicle until the replacement arrives.

Why you should beware of fitting a copy window.

Most copy windows are illegal because they don’t have any safety approval marking and therefore cannot be guaranteed to meet any quality standard, and probably have not been tested to meet the E mark approval test standard for windows fitted in new vehicles.

Copies of windows that have a printed band and dots around the edge of the window, probably will not match your broken window and other windows on your vehicle. Copy windows are usually only supplied with solid bands without dots.

The price for a copy window is often is no cheaper than a genuine window and is unlikely to be offered with a guarantee.

Copying a window usually involves the broken window having to be sent away to be copied and delivery can take several weeks.

Be sure and safe:

  • Ask if the replacement window you are being offered is an original part with identical printing.
  • Ask if the replacement window will be stamped with full international E mark safety standard approval and marked with the E mark logo and approval.
  • Ask if the replacement window is guaranteed.