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We’ve updated our caravan windows range to cater for even more sizes!

Lady at a caravan window

Here at Caravan Crazy, we offer an extensive range of campervan, caravan and motorhome windows, catches, and stays. As the UK’s largest supplier of genuine manufacturer caravan windows to the general public, we are committed to keeping our range up to date with the latest windows and fixtures and offering a range of sizes to suit all leisure vehicles. Whether you are looking to replace or upgrade your caravan windows, read on to explore our updated range, including Plastoform caravan windows.

Windows for Caravans

We supply and distribute an extensive range of caravan windows for worldwide delivery. Our range of caravan windows come double-glazed as standard for better impact-resistance and a reduced chance of cracking, and our range includes windows from some of Europe's leading manufacturers of caravan windows. Whether you are searching for a full set of replacement caravan windows, or caravan stays, locks, fittings or catches, we are sure to have the windows and window parts to get your home from home back on the road this summer.


Dometic caravan window

As a global supplier for caravan, campervan, and motorhome enthusiasts, Dometic offers a huge range of windows for caravans. We stock a range of Dometic front windows, alongside a range of replacement fixtures, such as latches, seals, and even rooflights to resolve all your window issues and keep your caravan secure and well-ventilated.

Explore our full range of Dometic fixtures and windows for caravans here.


Polyplastic caravan windows

We are Polyplastic’s only after-sales partner in the UK. As Europe’s leading manufacturer of double-glazed acrylic windows for motorhomes, campervans and caravans for over 30 years, Polyplastic supplies the majority of the caravan industry, including Swift, Bailey, and Eldiss. If you have a requirement for windows for any of these brands, or a huge range of other caravan brands, visit our full Polyplastic range here.

Plastoform Caravan Windows

Plastoform Caravan Window

Plastoform, a leading supplier of caravan windows, offers an extensive range of replacement caravan windows, available all across Europe. As a trusted supplier to Lunar caravans and other reputable companies, Plastoform remains at the forefront of the industry, ensuring that every customer's needs are met with top-notch products. As the only UK supplier of the entire range of Lunar Plastoform windows, brand new from the manufacturer, we proudly ensure that our customers have easy access to the high quality windows that they need.

Plastoform caravan windows are a popular choice due to their double-glazed acrylic structure, offering durability, strength, and excellent insulation properties for a comfortable interior temperature and enhanced thermal efficiency.

Here at Caravan Crazy, we have recently expanded our range of Plastoform caravan windows to include the popular 700x300 and 350x500 dimensions for our Plastoform Acrylight Framed Window. This update allows us to cater to even more caravan models and ensures that our customers will find the perfect fit for their specific caravan needs.

We now stock Plastoform Acrylight Framed Windows in the following sizes:

  • 900mm x 600mm
  • 750mm x 600mm
  • 700mm x 500mm
  • 800mm x 450mm
  • 700mm x 300mm
  • 350mm x 500mm

Window Accessories and Parts

Caravan Window Accessories and Parts

Reliable, fully-functioning caravan windows not only keep your caravan well-ventilated and full of natural light, but also contribute to its overall safety and durability. As well as our extensive range of replacement caravan windows, we specialise in supplying caravan window parts and spares for a range of models to keep your caravan secure, including:

  • Stays
  • Locks
  • Fittings
  • Catches
  • Seals

When choosing spare window parts from our range, you can browse with confidence. Our extensive selection will have the perfect fit for your caravan, regardless of its make or model, and our fast delivery guarantees you’ll be back on the road in no time.

Whether you urgently need a replacement lock, or your seals are looking worse for wear, invest in the longevity and security of your caravan with our full range. When it comes to caring for your home from home, staying ahead of any issues is essential, so be sure to carefully check your caravan and replace any damaged or missing window parts before your next adventure.

Replacement Caravan Windows

We have a huge range of caravan windows and parts to keep your caravan in great condition this summer. Explore our full range, including our updated Plastoform caravan windows range, here, and if you need further information or advice from our team, please contact us here.