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Tips for caravan window seal replacement

caravan with window seal replacements

No matter what the make, model and age of your caravan, you may find that you have water coming in through the windows, particularly in bad weather. If you notice water coming in through the top or bottom of one of your windows, this is a sign that the seals may no longer be watertight against your windows and thus need replacing. Once you have a few basic facts, it’s easy enough to carry out the caravan window seal replacement yourself, so read on for a few tips and links to the products you might need.

What causes damage to your caravan window seals?

There are several factors which can cause your caravan window seals to stop working properly, including:

  • The climate you are in - if you take your caravan to the seaside regularly then salt from the sea water can damage the bodywork and seals.
  • The age of your caravan - if you buy a secondhand caravan you won’t know if the seals are the originals, or if and when they have been replaced.
  • Whether your windows have previously been replaced - if you bought your caravan used, it is highly possible that a window has been replaced at some point and if this was not done correctly, the window was a poor fit or the seals weren’t the correct ones, this could lead to water leaking in through the windows.

Signs to look out for that your seals need replacing, include water coming in through the window and fungus, mould or moisture around the windows and seals.

How to replace your caravan window seals

If you are looking for a caravan window rubber seal replacement, you’re in the right place, but before you get ordering, there’s a few things you’ll need to consider:

Size of your window - You’ll need to measure the window around the edges to know what length of rubber seal you’ll need. They are sold in metre lengths so as long as you can measure it to the closest number of metres you need in total and allow a little extra for spare, you should be fine.

Thickness of your walls - The second thing to measure is the thickness of your caravan walls. This is because caravan window seal replacements are sold in different widths to suit the size of your walls. The Plastofrom rubber seals that we stock range in wall thicknesses from 21mm to 34mm.

Order your caravan window rubber seal replacements today

Plastoform Rubber Window Seal

Plastoform are industry leaders in the manufacture of innovative and contemporary acrylic windows for caravans and leisure vehicles and they also provide a range of window seals to ensure windows are a snug fit. If you’re looking for a caravan window seal replacement and have got your measurements as per the paragraph above, then here are a few Plastoform rubber seal products you might be interested in:

Please click here to view our full caravan window seal replacement range and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, please get in touch for advice.