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How to replace a caravan mixer tap

How to replace a caravan mixer tap

If your caravan or motorhome mixer tap has become loose or started leaking then chances are you’ll probably need to replace it. Depending on the make, model and age of your leisure vehicle, replacing this tap could be straightforward or a little more time consuming. In most cases you can either find advice from your manufacturer, parts supplier or online via the wealth of information that has been shared by other caravan or motorhome owners. If you’ve come across this blog then we’ll do our best to share some basic guidance on how to replace a caravan mixer tap and point you towards the mixer tap spares we offer to help you get the job done.

How to remove a caravan mixer tap

Before actually removing or replacing any part of your water system it’s advisable to first turn the water off and drain down the system if you can.

The next thing to do (on Reich taps in particular) is to locate the small red and blue button on the mixer tap that denotes which side is hot and which side is cold water. This is easy to remove, so flip it out and then you’ll need an allen key or small screwdriver to unscrew the top of the tap. This exposes the cartridge of the tap, and using the correct size box spanner you can remove it. You may only need to replace the cartridge if this is where the tap is leaking from, however, if you need to replace the entire tap, please read on.

When looking to replace the mixer tap in your caravan or motorhome kitchen area you’ll probably be wondering how to actually access the tap to remove it. In many makes and models, the best way to do this is by first removing the sink, particularly if you don’t have cupboard access below. The sink will most likely be held in place by a number of screws so the first step is to remove these. You may need to gently use a flathead screwdriver to gently ease the sink away from the worktop and be careful not to lose or damage the rubber seal.

Once the sink is removed, or once you’ve opened the cupboard beneath the sink, you’ll see the two pipes going into the mixer tap secured by a metal bracket. Behind this, you’ll find the nuts and bolts that hold the mixer tap and pipes in place.  Unscrewing these will enable you to loosen and remove the tap ready for replacement.

Replacing your caravan mixer tap

Once you have removed the old, faulty tap and have your new mixer tap ready to be installed, it’s a case of putting it in place and securing it by following the steps you took to remove the mixer tap, but in reverse.

It’s always worth ensuring you’ve got a number of different sized spanners to hand in order to fit all of the nuts and bolts that you might encounter when replacing your caravan mixer tap.

Ordering caravan mixer tap spares

At Caravan Crazy we stock a wide range of caravan mixer tap spares, so hopefully you can find one that will fit your caravan or motorhome. Our range includes taps from manufacturers such as Reich, Comet and Caraflo. We’ve also got tap cartridges, knuckle joints, spindles and knobs in case you just need to replace a part and not the whole tap. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, get in touch with us here and we’ll be happy to help.