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Caravan towing accessories to get you on the road this spring

Caravan towing accessories to get you on the road this spring

After a mild winter and a dry February, you’re probably itching to get your caravan back on the road. As the start of Spring approaches, it’s time to think about the caravan towing accessories and supplies you’ll need to start your 2023 adventures. Here we offer some advice on how to get your caravan out of its winter hibernation and remind you of the caravan towing equipment and spares you might need to get out exploring this spring.

Whether you have kept your caravan in storage or on your drive over winter, you’ll want to make some basic checks before you consider your next trip. This will include checking for damp and any damaged window or door seals, ensuring the tyres are properly inflated and in good condition, reconnecting the water system and battery and checking your towing equipment and safety features are in good working order.

Once you’ve made these basic checks and carried out any necessary repairs and maintenance, it's time to ensure your vehicle is ready to tow your caravan and that you have the right caravan towing accessories to do so safely and legally.

Essential caravan towing equipment

Towing mirrors

To make sure you comply with UK laws when towing a caravan, it is essential to fit proper towing mirrors to your tow car. This is necessary if the width of the caravan exceeds the width of the vehicle’s rear. With the right towing mirrors, you should be able to clearly see at least 4 metres on either side of the caravan and 20 metres behind the rear of the caravan.

Failing to use the right towing mirrors or using unsuitable wing mirror extensions could result in 3 points on your driving licence and a maximum fine of £1000. Therefore, it is important to make sure you invest in the correct towing mirrors for your vehicle before you hit the road.

Follow the link to view our range of caravan towing mirrors.

Number plates

It goes without saying that you need to display the same number plate on your caravan as the car you are using to tow it with. It might be something that you forget, particularly if you have upgraded your vehicle since your last caravan holiday.

Breakaway cable

A breakaway cable is a must-have for any caravan owner, providing a vital layer of protection in the event of an accident. If the caravan and tow car become disconnected, the breakaway cable will trigger the caravan's braking system, preventing it from running free. This inexpensive, essential piece of equipment can be a lifesaver if danger strikes, and is well worth the investment.

Click here to view our range of breakaway cables and hitching spares.

Caravan stabilisers

Though they are not required by law, caravan stabilisers tend to be something that all caravanners include in their essential towing equipment list. A stabiliser is an essential tool to prevent accidents when towing a caravan. To avoid snaking, when a caravan's axle becomes misaligned with the towing car, it is important to use safe towing techniques as well as a stabiliser to help make sure the caravan's wheels are kept in line with the towing car.

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Jockey Wheel

Though this should be supplied with your caravan, it is important to check that the jockey wheel is adequately secured before you travel and if the wheel seems damaged in any way, to order a replacement.

Wheel clamps and hitch locks

These are two vital accessories when it comes to protecting your caravan as they can prevent anyone from towing your caravan away whilst you are stopped at the service station for example. Wheel clamps stop thieves from getting access to the wheel studs that hold the wheel onto the hub. Hitch locks are easier to fit and are often used when people are on the go as they help to keep the caravan and tow car attached to one another. You just have to remember to remove them before travelling as it could be dangerous in the event of an accident.

Caravan towing accessories for trips to Europe

If you are planning on taking your caravan further afield than the UK, you will need to check up on the latest laws for the countries you plan on travelling through.

Some of the laws you might have to plan ahead for include:

  • Needing a green card and/or an international driving permit to tow your caravan overseas
  • Having stickers on your caravan to show the blind spots
  • Carrying a breathalyser
  • Having one or two warning triangles
  • Keeping a high visibility vest and first aid kit in your vehicle

We advise you to check out the latest laws at the time of travel, and kit yourself and your caravan out accordingly, to ensure there are no hold ups with your trip.

Other caravan towing accessories

We’ve got a huge range of caravan towing spares and equipment to help you get on your way this spring. Please follow the link to view our full range of caravan towing accessories and get in touch with us if you need any help choosing the right product for your caravan.